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Reducing Credit Card Debt Without Depriving Yourself

Credit card use can be beneficial to your finances if managed appropriately. Learning to balance credit card use with spending habits while also saving can positively impact your finances over time.
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When to Call Me Times to call your financial advisor

Most of us go to see professionals when were in trouble or during times of crisis. Think about it. We go to the doctor when we are sick. We go see a lawyer when we have a pending legal matter. We go see a counselor when we're feeling depressed.
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Protect Financial Information from Prying Eyes on the Web

As more and more consumers search for financial information on the Internet, they may inadvertently leave themselves open to being by certain companies and individuals. Visitors to financial websites have created a large mass of information that is, in some cases, hardly private. Many marketing companies routinely employ software programs designed to identify you and your habits on financial websites.
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4 Reasons to Get Fired Up About 'Refired' Not Retired Day

March 1st is Refired, Not Retired Day. It is a day for those retired or close to retirement to start thinking about their next stage in life. It is a day not to reinvent, rekindle, and refire your life, focusing on what is ahead instead of what is behind you. The day was founded by Phyllis May, who retired at age 55 after 34 years in the education field without a plan for the next stage of her life.
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3 Practical Time Management Tips for Investors

For many, spending more quality time with loved ones and friends is a New Year’s resolution or work-life balance goal. But for investors who are accustomed to keeping a close eye on their assets' performance, balancing one's "to do" list with one's "want to do" list may be tricky. Below, we discuss three time management tips investors may employ to free up some extra time for what matters most.
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Seniors and Debt: Getting Back on Track after a Post-Retirement Financial Setbac

You may have envisioned retirement as a second childhood—a time to relax, enjoy yourself, and devote your time to your favorite hobbies. Unfortunately, worry-free retirement is not the reality for some. Challenges from stock market drops, home repair issues, or health complications may send you veering off course. What might seniors do to get back on track after their retirement plans have gone awry? Here are four steps that might help you respond to some retirement setbacks.
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Nothing Says Love on Valentine's Day Like a Spousal IRA

Looking for ways to save "I love you" on Valentine's Day? Then you may want to consider opening a spousal individual retirement account (IRA). This gift says, "Let's grow old together comfortably," and shows your partner that you care about their financial wellness. Beyond that, a spousal IRA offers the following advantages.
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Being Your Own Boss – A Different Kind of Freedom

It is a dream of many people to be able to own and run their own business. You have the potential to make a living and support your family, and being an entrepreneur provides a certain amount of flexibility that an employee of a company would not necessarily have. This can be extremely attractive, and millions of people explore this opportunity in the United States.
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What to Know About the Secure Act 2.0

With the signing of the Omnibus Appropriations package into law, both employees and employers can take advantage of more than 90 new provisions aimed at creating opportunities to create or modify workplace retirement plans and strategies. What to know about the Secure Act 2.0 that may impact you and your financial and retirement goals? Read below for a helpful overview of important information to know about the SECURE Act 2.0.
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